In 2005, ICM was invited by the Government of Rwanda to investigate how it might assist the people of Rwanda to build an internationally competitive rice industry from its existing domestic base.

After an extensive review, ICM decided to participate in the Government’s Asset Privatization Program and acquired three rice mills in different regions across the country. The mills were acquired in joint ventures with the co-operatives representing the many thousands of farmers in the three Districts. ICM provided the capital, engineering, technical and agronomic support and the co-operatives arranged the growing and supply of paddy rice to the mills.

Since the beginning of the program in 2006, the domestic rice industry has expanded greatly with the development of many new irrigated areas, the introduction of new seed varieties and the building of several additional mills.

ICM has also been involved with the establishment of a nation-wide chain of retail outlets to ensure the Rwandan consumer has the choice of a variety of Rwandan produced rice and rice products for both adults and children.

As the industry continues to expand, the early initiatives recommended and instigated by ICM have helped to develop a vibrant and competitive rice industry which now competes favourably with any imported product.

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ICM was invited by the Government of Rwanda to assist in building an internationally competitive rice industry…