The Riverina Dairy takes its name from the agricultural heartland of Australia where its facilities are located. It is here, just outside Corowa, that ICM’s Riverina Milk operation raises its dairy cattle and produces the high quality milk, which is then transported to the production facility in Albury, just 70 km down the road, to be used to make The Riverina Dairy’s premium cheeses and yoghurts.

We manufacture a range of specialty dairy products using time-honoured recipes and techniques, modern milk storage and handling systems along with automated production lines. This combination, coupled with rigourous production standards enables The Riverina Dairy to deliver consistently great tasting, high quality, fresh cheese and yoghurt.

What distinguishes The Riverina Dairy from other dairy producers is that we control the production of the milk and its transportation to our production facility. This enables us to ensure we use only the highest quality milk, which is chilled, transported and used in production within hours of our cows being milked.

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Consistently great tasting, high quality, fresh cheese and yoghurt…

Franck Beaurain | CEO

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